Hi, today I made my own broth, using frozen vegetable scraps that I’ve slowly collected in a couple of months in a gallon ziplock bag. I also threw in some turkey bone, skin, and gristle from a recent dinner. It turned out tasty. Except I didn’t take photos of any of the process. Nor did I time the simmering of the stuffs in the pot or record any measurements to be able to tell anyone how to replicate it. The resulting broth is currently chillin’ in the fridge in one of those pretty Santa Cruz lemonade glass bottles though.

But I guess this is a little useless.

I just thought it was worth it to note. Maybe I should make a blog about things like this?
But maybe not, because it’s a little unpredictable when I’ll get excited about something similar to this again enough to make a consistent blog about it, and that I rarely get my head organized enough to write about anything in particular, so this blog should suffice.

Sleep would be a good idea now.


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  Alisa Kim wrote @

yo imma you should update this thang more often cause let’s be honest, i can’t read german.

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