Perspectives (I seem to really like that word)

Just finished watching “Gigantic” (2008) with two friends and it concluded with differing opinions. They dismissed it as unrealistic and unrelatable with caricatures instead of real characters. On the surface, yeah, I get that. With a cast of Zooey Deschanel and Paul Dano and the end credits rolling to “Did You See the Words” by Animal Collective, it’s easy to dismiss it as indie hype-shit bullshit.

The characters weren’t easy to decipher—their motivations, their judgments, even the expressions on their faces. But there’s something in that difficulty that just intrigues the hell outta me. Instead of chalking it up to a nonsense movie, I liked how the stoicism and silences leave it up to interpretation. It wasn’t slow, inasmuch as it was withholding. I think conventional audiences have just been spoiled; movies have allowed us access to main characters’ psyches too easily in order to compel you to sympathize with their circumstances. I’ve recently seen “Black Swan”, “The Kids Are Alright”, and “The Wrestler”. The characters in said movies were “real” because they tell you all the convincing lies/excuses they tell themselves to justify who they are. And you believe it as much as they do, or at least forgive them their lack of self-awareness.

With the characters in “Gigantic,” there was clearly something fucked up in certain characters, but only so slightly alluded to that it can be frustrating to be left with that ambiguity. But I found the not-so-subtle neuroticisms amusing instead. (revealing of differing perspectives) The question of resolution is heavily up to interpretation too. A clear one, or any at all, would be nice, but I guess that’s just not the case with this movie.

There’s something to elusive personalities that I’m just strangely attracted to: the challenge of understanding the enigma. Also, the elusive, almost haphazard* style of the movie reminds me of my personal approach to art, to anything I’ve created. I make something with a decent amount of forethought to be aesthetically acceptable enough, but then later realize many various meanings and interpretations that it could take. Making art is easy, accepting it is hard.

But then again, maybe this is all just a bunch of bullshit after all.

* haphazard in seeming incomplete in developing characters


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