afloat (draft)

//edit: this post is wrong. The more I think about it, the more the terms should be switched. …but it’s worth not deleting as a post because it’s pretty revealing of my tendency to go against the grain—instead of being categorized as another college student “coasting,” I wanted to be considered in different terms.

But I’m just the same, we’re all the saaaameeeee


I find myself coasting again. Except coasting, as a college term, proffers a sense of confident lackadaisy.

I think a more appropriate word for my funk is “floating.”
It requires little/no effort, letting the current take me along. But there’s still the danger of going under…

I thought I was content before. Now, I feel like I’m failing to achieve something else, something outside of what I’ve already experienced. something “greater” in a sense. I’m just not lining up to who I thought I’d be by now.

The usual remedy:

  • looking up menial jobs on craigslist, germany
  • planning out the rest of my course plan
  • cutting my hair
  • googling cities for future potential home

…now where did i put those scissors?


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