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Summer Solitude

My summer has started. Though for the first week, I was completely unaware since Arthur and John came to visit and made what could’ve been just a subtle change to my routine into a complete overhaul of my life as I knew it. Hah, exaggeration. But that was a fun, weird week. And despite all the awkwardness, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. But now I’m settling. My days consists of sleeping, eating, napping, sporadic work, and reading (just finished The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo!). And it’s all really lovely. I can see why people get comfortable with just working all the time and doling out the rest of their time to random indulgences. Things I want to do are so much more enjoyable now that I have drudgery to contrast it with. Wow, I just really had too much time when I wasn’t working… Moral of this story: I can understand why people settle now. Why many people don’t have multiple degrees and go back to school. Well, besides that creating awkward social obstacles, there’s money and time better, more appreciatively spent.