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On Good Notes…

Today was something I’d like to remember, so in keywords:

  1. Waking up to my baked basil omelette, layering and cords, forgetting my tea and my keys.
  2. Steel/iron with varying carbon-content in gel130, my black shirt covered in cat hair.
  3. Hour break: remembering forgotten tea, eating more, “mein Traumpartner” hw, defuzzing.
  4. German geography, eye-contact, neglecting to mentioning Bremen’s Beck’s.
  5. Registration for Fall 2010:
    • Energy and Environmental Aspects of Transportation
    • Business Organization
    • Intermed. German
    • Applied Stats
    • Intermed Microecon (tentative).
  6. Lunch: chili garlic sauce, balsamic vinegar, basil, polenta pattie, cheese wrap.
  7. Passing out for 3 hrs.
  8. Dinner: chili garlic sauce + balsamic vinegar + penne, romantic German
  9. Proj. Compost: Alexa, Natalie, V?, Tatsu, Rosa.
  10. A Run-in.
  11. Getting a job: Freeborn, calling mama then papa.
  12. Mishka’s, feeling pretty.
  13. Running interrupted.
  14. Now Thao’s “Know Better Learn Faster” sounds like Andrew Bird’s violins and whistling!?

Getting that job today made me giddy and giggle unabashedly in public. Finally, dude–although, I can only give credit to my timing, not really because I’m particularly gifted or strikingly unique.. but WOOOO, da monies, da monieees! Though, I’m a bit wary of the starting time in June, whether it would interrupt plans with John and Arthur’s visit*. But on a good note, this finally gives me an occasion to pop open up that Dutch Chocowine I’ve been so curious to taste!

So I’ve picked up running again, and having an angenehm (pleasant) day today only reinforces it. yeah, boi.

I have a lot to do for tonight, but I’m strangely unfazed, which in itself is a bit worrying. I should be worried about the impending stroke of 3am, when I start failing to comprehend anything and rationalizing irrational compromises with myself.