holy friggin crap, i’m so so so excited

so things haven’t been panning out as planned.
yet luckily I hadn’t set my mind immovably on double majoring. I knew nothing was for certain–that’s why I had to meet with advisors. And I feel so relieved and excited to have. I met with Mahoney (EPAP) today, and during the meeting I think I pretty much impulsively chose EPAP over ManEcon when faced with the decision about which would be my main (or as it turns out, my only) major, without much deliberation. Considering that I had been so careful and hesitant in declaring a major up until now, I’m a bit wary of being so quick to choose. But at the same time, I don’t  think my on-the-spot decision is necessarily bad: I’d researched both majors ad nauseum, so I knew what I’d get myself into for either major. And the weekend before, my dad randomly yet encouragingly told me to “pick what you want”. and EPAP is what I want, ManEcon, though the practical applications and immediate job market was a tempting draw, was just something that felt more like an obligation to my family than a legitimate inclination.

So I’m taking 2 ESP courses next quarter, 1 (Environmental Analysis, or intro ESP) and 171 (Urban and Regional Planning). —damn yo, don’t they sound so badass??
I am just so entirely looking forward to both of them, that I don’t understand or remember why I was so hesitant about taking EPAP on already!

Even more good news: it turns out, the University is more lenient towards double minors, as opposed to double majors. For double majors, a strict 220-unit graduation cap is enforced, just ’cause they don’t want crazy overachieving dabblers, such as myself =D, staying in school for 6 years—which, considering the budget crisis, is pretty nice of them, because otherwise, I can see how education, run as a business, would benefit them more if kids stayed in college foreverrr. But that was a tangent. Now that I’m set with a major, I’m free to look around for minors, the two in mind: ManEcon and German. One very practical, the other purely for my enjoyment–though I pass it off as practical, claiming my plans for studying abroad.

ahhhh so so so exciteddd, but right now I should be studying. I’ve been effectively procrastinating all day by mapping out my next quarter schedule and looking up future classes for my study plan. But now I only have 4 hours left to study for two tests that I’ve been underestimating this whole time. aw, crap


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and now the doubt…

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