A New Blog for a New Perspective

What a cheesy title. Nevertheless, completely vurt*:

I’m starting my sophomore winter quarter on an overall relieved note—albeit still tinged with a bit of anxiety.
But—gotta admit—this present anxiety’s considerably less severe than all my worrying has been up ’til now.

On the first day of winter 2010, I was contemplating taking on Science and Technology Studies (STS) as a second major in addition to Managerial Economics (ManEcon), which I actually have yet to apply and get into. When I first heard about the STS major (during a random lunchtime encounter with an STS major student eavesdropping on famous evolutionary biologists who had been sitting at an adjacent lunch table), it got me really excited because it made me realize how I like the concept of science, rather than the drudgery of executing scientific research. Although I had applied to UC Davis as an undergraduate in Biological Sciences, I entered my freshman year frequently searching for another major so I could switch out of Bio—it was a good entering major for me after all because I ended up taking care of a lot of prerequisites and major requirements from the start! Anyway, blahblahblah… I like the concept of science writing and appreciate the vast implications science and technology impose on society, which is why I was looking into STS, but I found it to be broad in attempting to tackle too many various topics in science, e.g. Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Sustainability, Cyborgs, etc., when I already had a focus in mind: Sustainability Reform. So I’m taking Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning, hopefully in addition to ManEcon.

So I have my goal, now I just to plan it out and achieve it.

Gawrsh, that bored me. I promise future posts will be amusing, for me at least. I think it’s because of this whole proper grammar, punctuation, spelling business is making me all proper and boring.
–wellp, it’s been a bit superfluous! …yet ultimately necessary at the same time…?



*made-up word. refer to immanic.tumblr.com.



  thatgirl wrote @

It’s interesting that you said you’re interested in the “implications” of science…what about the solutions? HAH or does science constantly create solutions that provoke controversy etc?

  idelac wrote @

exaaactly. sts just seemed to point out problems, and the questions that came up never got a definitive answer–too open-ended. like sociology and anthropology, seemed too objective? maybe i just didn’t stick with it long enough to get the answers.. wevs.

  idelac wrote @


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